Thursday, May 30, 2013

Journal 5-30-13

Journal 5-30-13

Journal Topic:

As you stand at the edge, after nearly a year of thinking together, does this poem mean anything different than the first time we talked about it last summer? 


Your life is your life! I have such a sentimental nostalgic warm fuzzy feeling for this poem now. As I listen to it again it is no longer a silly jeans commercial. I hear my classmates voices all repeating the poem like they did last fall. I flash back to everyone's new ideas and think of how they have become big projects. This video is like watching the trolololo song. It makes me think if a different time. A time in the past and how I was so different then.

This morning I was asked to write a senior reflection, about how much I had changed since August. I gave some half realized answer that I had "learned more" or something like that.

Yes, true, I have learned more. But until seeing that video I hadn't realized just how much I have changed. Mentally, emotionally, even physically I have grown. Looking at hat video I can see evidence of that growth.

As I read it now I can analyze it using the different models we have learned. I can speak about it using academic vocabulary. I can write a well thought out essay on this poem in under thirty minutes. I can recite it, but not only that I can understand it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Journal Topic 5-28-13


What have you learned writing in your journal-- and not writing in your journal -- this year?


I have developed my own writing style. I enjoy writing in a stream of consciousness style. I have found that I really enjoy writing. I didn't like doing journals this much sophomore year, maybe it is the social media element or maybe it is because I can now get instant feedback on my writing. I am not really sure why, but the energy in Preston's room is usually very academic although it fluctuates like crazy and that has something to do with it.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Journal 5-23-13

Why do people make spelling errors on words they already know?  It's been famously observed that, "To err is human."  Why?  What is the connection between imperfection and humanity?  Is imperfection a flaw, or a glorious, romantic state of being, well... us?

Imperfection. Sometimes imperfection creates understanding. I've found that when conversing with others it sometimes easier to say something grammatically incorrect or use a word in the technically wrong way. I'm not just talking about the use of figurative language. I mean saying something that an English teacher would tear apart, but in a conversational setting would only make sense said in that way. I'm talking about colloquialisms. Different regions, cultures, and languages have developed these "incorrect phrases" to increase conversational understanding.

Unintentional mistakes are a different matter. Sometimes they can add meaning to a work. For example once in a conversation I said something along the lines of "all this boredoom is making me tired." I didn't realize it at the time, but the spelling mistake added to the point I was trying to make.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Interdisciplinary Path to Innovation

In doing my research for my finals project I found this video. I thought it might be of some interest to people especially those in fourth period since the man speaking is the creator of the Creative Commons license and an open source charter school in Utah.